ANIA, czyli adoption from a 15 year old's point of view

This was written on the road down to the south of Taiwan, when we were finally bringing Ania back home for good.

The first time I learned about adoption and its meaning probably was watching the movie "Annie" and reading the book "Anne of Green Gables". As someone who loved both of these girls (who had similar names, personalities and even looks) as well as characters from other books and movies, like Stewart Little, I was convinced that adoption is something completely normal.

Later on, I learned about people who are unable to have their own kids, and homosexual couples who in order to build a family, have to adopt.
So adopting a kid or even a baby is a two way thing, both sides complete each other.

The first thought of adoption came up when my little brother mentioned that he wanted a little sister. The topic came up just as many other topics about, shamelessly saying, skateboarding, having a guinea pig or playing saxophone.
I must admit, that my brother certainly has an interesting way of convincing my parents, much more productive and successful than my way, whatever that is.

I'm not bluffing when I say that I've always wanted a little sister. The idea of taking care, teaching and helping to make life choices of someone younger was very appealing (ex. say no to drugs 'n stuff).
I had a fair amount of experience in taking care of kids and seeing how I had pretty much failed with my ownbrother, I am pretty confident that this time, I'll do it right.

Running out of ideas, I just asked my mom what  more should I write? She asked me, what do you think will change in your life after adopting Ania?
Well, except for the fact that I'll have one more cute kid to star in my videos which will definitely raise the YouTube views, I might just get a little bit less lazy and more independent, I mean, who can't refuse the adorable little face telling you to wake up?
A much grater change might occur in Jas's life, because frankly, Ania is moving in with him.
The whole house has gone through some visible changes: after Ania's first few visits, I saw my old toys, CDs and books resurfacing around the house.


This is turning into a real-time updating on our current adopting situation, but I would care less.

I'm now back in the car again with my dying 9 year old computer, a drink in hand, which is passed over to Ania from time to time so she could take a sip while staring continuosly at the raindrops falling on the windshield. She appears to be deep in thought and I can't help but wonder what is going through her adorable 3 year old mind. After all, a goodbye with the people who raised you and whom you called "Mom", "Dad" and "Sister" your whole life is quite a lot to take. In company to her foster family, were also her neighbors which I guess have grown pretty close to the wonderful bundle of joy. Everybody had their eyes rimmed with slight traces of tears, but tried the best to hide them.

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